Served Sunday 10am – 12pm


Full English    £9.50

2x Sausages, 2x Bacon, 2x Hash Browns, Egg, Beans, & Toast


Small English    £8.00

1x Sausage, 1x Bacon, 1x Hash Brown, Egg, Beans, Toast


Vegetarian    £9.00

2x Eggs, 2x Hash Brown, 2x Veggie Sausages, Mushrooms, Beans, Toast


Breakfast Bap    £6.50

2x Sausages, 1x Bacon and a Fried Egg


Sandwich    £5.50

A choice of either Sausage, Bacon, or Double Egg


Egg or Beans on toast (per slice)    £4.00


Extra Items (each)    £1.00

Black Pudding, Mushrooms, Plum Tomato, Bread & Butter,

Toast with either Marmalade or Jam


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